World-Class Achievements by OCSiAl Researchers in the Field of Nanotubes

The OCSiAl R&D Department comprises more than 70 scientists specializing in physics, chemistry and materials science, many of whom are world experts in the field of carbon nanotubes and their applications.

The R&D Department is headed by Mikhail Predtechenskiy, a Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the creator of the industrial synthesis technology for TUBALL™ graphene nanotubes. All OCSiAl R&D work is carried out at our TUBALL CENTERs, which are located in Novosibirsk, Shanghai and Luxembourg.


TUBALL CENTERs are hubs for production technology development and new materials prototyping.

OCSiAl’s TUBALL CENTERs are located in regions with the highest market demand for graphene nanotube solutions and the most rapid industry adoption of advanced technologies. TUBALL CENTERs develop new nanotube products and provide local customers with technical support.

TUBALL CENTER Novosibirsk was the first R&D facility opened by OCSiAl, in 2015 in Akademgorodok. It performs fundamental studies and develops nanotube applications by designing intermediate formulations – currently more than 40 additives are commercially produced. The R&D team has unique equipment for developing and testing products in batteries, plastics, coatings, composites, and elastomers, forming a center for prototyping industrial materials enhanced with nanotubes.

TUBALL CENTER Shanghai was opened in December 2019. It covers an area of 1 260 m2 and has 12 laboratories with 150 unique items of equipment for developing nanotube solutions in batteries, plastics, coatings, composites and elastomers.

TUBALL СENTER  Luxembourg was opened in September 2020. This state-of-the-art R&D center covers an area of 350 sq m and has more than 50 items of equipment. Its focus is on the materials of the future: new elastomers and thermoplastic composites for the automotive industry of tomorrow.

Focused on the Asian market, which is a crucial market for the company, TUBALL CENTER Shanghai provides technical support to more than 600 customers in Asia-Pacific region.

How do we drive developments with TUBALL™?

We promote R&D focused on the use of nanotubes and provide free TUBALL™ graphene nanotube samples to scientists around the globe.

To receive a sample, simply submit an application at

Our R&D Partners

We actively collaborate with the scientific community and run joint projects
 with research centers worldwide.

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