Added value of floorings with TUBALL nanotubes shakes Shanghai Expo

Visitors to the 14th China Shanghai International Floor Industry Expo 2017 explored innovative high-performance anti-static flooring solutions. OCSiAl presented their single wall carbon nanotube-based concentrates that are being used in anti-static and conductive self-leveling flooring systems.

Strong and ultra-light aluminium composite with carbon nanotubes

A range of astonishing qualities of single wall carbon nanotubes contribute to the competitive advantages of nanotube-formulated metal composites in terms of their enhanced strength, improved performance and increased cycle life. Nanoaugmented metal composites have proven their economic viability and will appear in the market soon.

NanoSummit 2017 unveils breakthroughs in increasing battery energy density

For the third year in a row, OCSiAl’s Nanoaugmented Materials Industry Summit gathered together around 400 industry pioneers from 30 countries who are benefiting from working with single wall carbon nanotubes. Over the course of the two-day event in Luxembourg, executives, researchers and experts from all around the world shared their experience of nanotube applications for enhancing various materials, including batteries.