Nano Korea 2017: OCSiAl Asia Pacific continues to gain influence in the Korean market

OCSiAl Asia Pacific has strengthened its position in South Korea, one of the world’s major high-tech markets, by participating in the Nano Korea 2017 exhibition. TUBALL single wall carbon nanotube solutions for Li-ion batteries, anti-static coatings and silicones, developed together with key Korean stakeholders, attracted considerable interest from visitors and brought more than 300 potential clients to the OCSiAl booth.

Connecting the Korean silicone industry with high-end technologies: Grace Continental Korea partners with OCSiAl

Grace Continental Korea and OCSiAl Asia Pacific have signed a number of agreements that will blaze a trail for advancing the Korean silicone industry. This leading Korean manufacturer of silicone is expanding its range of products by introducing to the market high-performance silicones and PSA films produced with OCSiAl’s TUBALL single wall carbon nanotubes, one of the most promising new materials.

化学工業の更なる前進へ 楠本化成とOCSiAlの提携によるTUBALLTM製品の国内製造と販売へ


Haiyi and OCSiAl partner together for the Chinese battery market

Haiyi is launching the production and marketing of TUBALL BATT, a dispersion of single wall carbon nanotubes that is an advanced solution for Li-ion and lead–acid batteries. OCSiAl’s technology is a major step forward in the evolution of batteries, allowing a 10% increase in energy density.


ルクセンブルグ大公国 経済省・財務省及び最先端素材製造社であるOCSiAlが、年間250トンの生産に対応可能である単層カーボンナノチューブ(SWCNT)生産拠点と応用ナノ技術向けR&Dセンターの建設提携に関する覚書を締結しました。2020年には操業を開始予定です。この施設は将来性がある新素材といえる単層カーボンナノチューブの合成と産業応用向けの世界最大のR&Dセンターとなる予定です。