Our Technology for Graphene Nanotubes Has Unlimited Scalability

OCSiAl is not the only company that has appreciated the ability of graphene nanotubes to modify most materials used in industry and everyday life. This is evidenced by the thousands of patents and hundreds of thousands of scientific developments based on nanotubes.

Industrial Production

However, OCSiAl has created a technology that allows it to expand nanotube manufacturing beyond laboratories to large-scale industrial production. The invention made by one of OCSiAl’s founders – the physicist Mikhail Predtechenskiy – makes it possible to produce a quantity of nanotubes that is large enough to improve all base materials used by humankind.


Our Production

Three key differences in OCSiAl’s technology


High quality of the material


Unlimited production scalability


Low production cost

Graphetron Serbia


Launch year

60 tonnes

production capacity

Graphetron LUX


Launch year

up to 100 tonnes

Annual production capacity
when launched

Every second,
Graphetron produces
* The data is correct for 2021
600,000,000 km
of nanotubes
– four times as long as the distance
from the Earth to the Sun
Our technologies are patented worldwide
patents and applications

OCSiAl’s key technologies are covered by patents. In total, the company has registered over 100 patents and applications, which ensure the protection of OCSiAl’s intellectual property in many parts of the world, including China, the European Union countries, Israel, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Taiwan, Canada, the United States of America, and other countries.