OCSiAl brings a new impetus to the Chinese elastomer industry

OCSiAl has presented a new era of high-performance conductive additives for silicones, rubbers and latex at the Rubber Tech China show. Chinese manufacturers were impressed by the ability of TUBALL nanotubes to enable conductivity in rubbers without the usual negative trade-offs in terms of flexibility, elasticity, hardening and reduced life cycle of rubbers.

OCSiAl maintains its pioneering position in advancing the Chinese composites market

OCSiAl is impressing the major players in the Chinese market with the striking results that can be achieved in enhancing the strength and reducing the weight of composite materials by applying the company’s high-performance TUBALL MATRIX concentrates. With such high interest in its products and a large number of new clients and many sample orders, OCSiAl is retaining its leading position in advancing the Chinese composites industry.