Press roundtable highlights

Summary of OCSiAl press round table with Korean media:

  • Introduced breakthrough technology of OCSiAl and TUBALL® SWCNT featuring >75% of single wall carbon nanotubes.
  • ŸAnnounced partnership with local nano technology firm, Applied Carbon Nano Technology and unprecedentedly large-scale 100kg of carbon nanotubes deal.
  • A total of 10 reporters from 9 major business / trade / English media participated in the media roundtable: Korea Economic Daily, Seoul Economic Daily, Financial News, MoneyToday, Amenews, Chemlocus, EBN Chemical News, Semiconductor Network, The Korea Herald.
  • Attracted strong attention from reporters by emphasizing OCSiAl to provide up to 10 tonnes of SWCNT every year at greatly low price.
  • Achieved a number of positive coverages: 24 articles, including 3 print and 21 digital publications.

Press round table in progress<br>

Mikhail Predtechenskiy, Chief Technology Officer, OCSiAl

Mr. Dae-Yeol Lee, CEO of ACN

<span  style="background-color: initial;">Grigory Gurevich, First Vice President, OCSiAl</span><br>