Reshaping the Chinese EV battery market: highly conductive nanotube additive now being made in China

Meeting a 300 Wh/kg energy density target is one of the greatest challenges for Chinese battery manufacturers. The key to solving this lies in the application of the most advanced materials and technologies in lithium-ion batteries. It has been proven that TUBALL single wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs), produced by OCSiAl, greatly enhance Li-ion battery performance. When added into the silicon anode, these nanotubes improve the cycle life, allowing the batteries to meet the demanding requirements of the electric vehicle (EV) industry.

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After successfully passing OCSiAl quality audits in May 2019, Shanghai Haiyi Scientific Trading and Shenyang East Chemical Science-Tech were both authorized to kick off local production of TUBALL BATT nanotube additives. The rapidly growing demand from Chinese battery manufacturers means that these two companies are aiming at an initial combined annual production volume of TUBALL BATT of 7,000 tonnes.

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With the production capacity of our local factory, the competitiveness of single wall carbon nanotube conductive dispersions in terms of supply, quality and cost control will be greatly enhanced. East Chem will continue to deepen our cooperation with OCSiAl, to increase our R&D investment, and to provide our customers with even more diversified products,” said Mr Yang Liu, General Manager of East Chem.

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“We introduced OCSiAl’s single wall carbon nanotube products in 2015. With the guidance and support of the OCSiAl technical team over the past 3 years, we have now successfully launched the production of TUBALL SWCNT dispersions in China. Local production allows Chinese battery manufacturers to greatly reduce the costs by using TUBALL BATT conductive additive. We have obtained certification from local battery manufacturers, and have now started to sell large batches. Haiyi will continue to expand its production capacity of SWCNT dispersions, and we welcome visits from colleagues from the industry to our production plant,” said Mr. Zhijun Liu, General Manager of Haiyi.

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“This local manufacturing is a big step forward in OCSiAl’s long-term strategy of developing a sustainable and reliable supply of SWCNTs to the Chinese market. As this partnership demonstrates, we are continuing to expand our business in China with an optimal combination of good service, high volumes and stable quality for the most advanced conductive materials to our Li-ion battery customers in China,” said Aleksei Minakov, General Manager of OCSiAl China.

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Customer tests have shown that Si/C anodes with TUBALL BATT H 2 O enable batteries to sustain 1,000 cycles and still retain 80% capacity.

Due to their high aspect ratio and G/D ratio, dispersed SWCNTs are very effective in batteries,” said Dr Jian Lin, Vice President of R&D at BAK Power Battery, which is one of top-ten Li-ion battery companies in the world. “Cycle performance in SiOx anodes with TUBALL is amazing. The addition of SWCNTs in anodes hugely reduces capacity loss with ageing and improves cycle life.”

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TUBALL BATT is available in China only via official OCSiAl-authorized partners who can provide the highest standards of product quality, supply capacity, technical support and after-sales service.