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  • Polystick rolls out new polyurethane adhesives based on TUBALL™ nanotubes

Polystick rolls out new polyurethane adhesives based on TUBALL™ nanotubes


Collaboration between OCSiAl and Polystick has resulted in a number of impressive achievements that demonstrate the significantly improved mechanical and other key properties of polyurethane adhesives resulting from the addition of OCSiAl’s universal additive TUBALL . Polystick is about to start commercial sales of a line of brand-new adhesives based on TUBALL ™ that will shake up the glue industry. The impressive results achieved have encouraged the two partners to continue further development of adhesives and related products that take advantage of the properties of nanotubes and have led to the signing of a long-term contract for the supply of TUBALL nanotubes.

Polystick is one of the most trusted and experienced glue manufacturers in Israel, with more than 50 years of customer success stories. It is specialised in the production and marketing of adhesives and glues based on a range of chemical compositions, including solvent-based and water-based polychloroprene and PU adhesives, SBS adhesives, PVA glues, hotmelts, silicone and acrylic sealants, PU lacquers and many others. Due to Polystick’s high standards, the company’s clients include leading Israeli enterprises as well as large companies all around the world in the defence, automotive, healthcare, printing, furnishing and high-tech industries.

A key element in Polystick’s continuing development and business expansion has always been a committed approach to product development and research work using the most cutting-edge technologies. The collaboration between OCSiAl and Polystick supports both companies’ leading positions in the market.