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OCSiAl to Establish New Asia-Pacific Regional Headquarters in Korea

June 11, 2015 Seoul – OCSiAl, a global single wall carbon nanotubes manufacturer, announced that it has established new Asia Pacific regional headquarters in Korea to cover the Korean and the Asia-Pacific markets. The new headquarters are located in Incheon near Seoul, South Korea.

More than 50 companies in the AP region are actively developing SWCNT applications based on OCSiAl’s products. OCSiAl Asia Pacific will ensure that all orders are processed in a timely manner, will provide its clients with any required technical support, interact with R&D, government and non-profit organizations in Korea to promote and contribute to the development of nanotechnology in the country.
Viktor Kim, CEO OCSiAl Asia Pacific Co., Ltd., said, “Korea is home to many global companies leading the markets in smartphones, displays, Li-ion batteries, and automobiles. We set OCSiAl’s outpost here to get closer to this global innovation center, to develop cutting edge carbon nanotube technologies and to provide innovative solutions in the Asia Pacific region.” He added, “We will continuously contribute to the nanotechnology field in Korea and the AP region based on our advanced technology and business agility.”

OCSiAl will be participating in ‘NanoKorea 2015’, which is to be held on 1st – 3rd July at COEX, Seoul, to introduce new product applications in cooperation with its partners.