OCSiAl launches an online-store for TUBALL™

Our goal is to make high quality nanotubes easily accessible not only for the large companies, but also to any researcher, or any institution interested in potential industrial applications of SWCNTs. After the launch of OCSiAl’s online store TUBALL™ and TUBALL™ samples for R&D are just a few clicks away!

The company believes that the higher accessibility of SWCNTs for researches and companies will help to remove the last remaining obstacles in front of the wide adoption of SWCNTs industrial usage.

The store is launched for North America and Europe, while sales in Asia will be covered with OCSiAl's partnership program.

“We are providing the global research community with a user friendly tool that ensures the immediate availability of low priced high quality single wall nanotubes, shipped from a local warehouse. This makes it easier for anyone who is interested in developing new applications to give their ideas a try,” — Max Atanassov, CEO of OCSiAl USA.

To visit the store, please, follow the link .