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OCSiAl Is Expanding Its Presence in the Chinese Market

OCSiAl’s regional branch has obtained a business licence in China and is now operating under the name 奥科艾希 尔贸 易有限公司 . With 14 high-grade experts in various fields being members of the OCSiAl China team, it has offices in Shenzhen and Shanghai, and currently collaborates with almost 90 Chinese companies in a wide range of industries.

OCSiAl building.JPG

“The Chinese market has always been a pioneer in adopting advanced technologies and innovative products. High-yield technologies developed by OCSiAl for improving materials with their TUBALL nanotube additive have attracted much interest from Chinese manufacturers,” commented Aleksei Minakov, OCSiAl China CEO.

Over the course of the last year, OCSiAl has expanded its brand awareness through its close collaboration with 88 Chinese companies, including well-known companies such as Bluestar Silicones, Union Chemical and BAK.