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OCSiAl connects with Latin American scientific community at Nano Monterrey International Forum


The Nano Monterrey International Forum in Mexico is part of the Nanotechnology Cluster of Nuevo León, and hosts exclusive group of business people, industry specialists, and subject experts from the advanced materials and nanotechnology industries. Leading representatives from the scientific and business communities presented advances and disruptive innovations in metallic and polymeric composites, energy storage, renewable energy, advanced coatings, nanostructures, and applications in paper and plastic.

Dmitri Aronov, CEO of OCSiAl USA, presented a talk at the Nano Monterrey International Forum 2016 on the benefits of OCSiAl’s core product, TUBALL, and its wide variety of industrial applications. TUBALL is the only technology in the world for industrial-scale synthesis of single wall carbon nanotubes.

In his presentation, titled “Nano-augmented materials for the industry” , Dmitri introduced TUBALL to leading representatives of the Latin American industrial sector. TUBALL contains at least 80% of high-quality single wall carbon nanotubes. The incorporation of these nanotubes into a material matrix results in the creation of a strong, conductive, 3D network that endows the material with improved mechanical properties and increased electrical conductivity.

“What is even more valuable for applied science is that OCSiAl has been successful in transforming scientific breakthroughs into effective industrial applications by developing nanotube-based concentrates. These easy-to-use products greatly simplify the process of nanotube addition to a material matrix. For manufacturers, this makes the implementation of cutting-edge technologies immediately cost-effective,” Dmitri commented.

OCSiAl is constantly exploring new directions for the application of nanotubes, and has already developed solutions for many industrial sectors, such as elastomers, thermosets, thermoplastics, electrochemical power sources, and transparent electrodes.

Dmitri’s presentation left a lasting impression on the attendees of the Forum, including scientific and research representatives as well as manufacturers and market stakeholders who are deeply interested in the latest trends on the market.

For OCSiAl, participation in the Nano Monterrey International Forum is a step toward the development of a market presence in Latin America and the creation of networks with exclusive business communities and industry specialists in the advanced materials sector there.

“Previously we have noted the increased interest in TUBALL from research institutes in this region. Some of them are already testing our product. This Forum, and the essential contacts with industry stakeholders that it has brought us, will support OCSiAl’s intention to play a more active role in the Latin American market,” Dmitri concluded.