OCSiAl and DUKSAN sign a long term partnership

Under the terms of this agreement, DUKSAN will purchase 400 kg of TUBALL and an ultra-sonic dispersion unit for production of TUBALL-based suspensions. The products will be manufactured at a custom-made production center, which DUKSAN is planning to build, based on OCSiAl technology. The center will produce suspensions: TUBALL BATT — for modifying li-ion batteries, TUBALL INK — for adding electrical conductivity to transparent conductive films, TUBALL COAT — for creating antistatic paints and coatings, and also TUBALL RUBBER — for adding electrical conductivity to latexes and synthetic rubbers while improving their mechanical properties with a possibility of colorful solutions.


The production processes of the center will be closely supervised by OCSiAl. As such, OCSiAl will deliver the initial training to DUKSAN specialists, along with providing the required technical and marketing support.

DUKSAN is a company engaged into producing pure chemicals, chemical reagents, raw medical care products, and electronic industrial reagents. You can find more information about the company at their official web page: www.duksan.co.kr