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Novatic Introduces New Anti-Static and Static Dissipative Coatings to the Market

Novatic, a well-known name in customised specialty coatings, is committed to sustainable development of the industry. The company has rolled out brand new anti-static and ESD polyurethane coating solutions based on the latest achievements in nanotube technology that can provide permanent and uniform electrical conductivity without affecting the colour.


Extensive tests carried out by Novatic have confirmed the advantages of TUBALL single wall carbon nanotubes, which are now being produced by OCSiAl on an industrial scale. The key advantages of these nanotubes centre around the ultra-low dosages required: starting from just 0.01%, they can provide materials with uniform and permanent conductivity, enhanced mechanical properties and higher corrosion resistance, and they can also maintain vivid colours.

TUBALL MATRIX 201, one of OCSiAl’s off-the-shelf TUBALL super-concentrates, is being used by Novatic to produce polyurethane primer and coating systems with surface resistance in the range of 10^6-10^9 Ω/sq.


“The coatings industry is a well-known pioneer in applying the most innovative technologies. Single wall carbon nanotubes have proven themselves to be the best cutting-edge additive in terms of performance to cost ratio. We are delighted that one of the most influential players in India has duly appreciated our technology and is eager to work up a new market with the TUBALL technologies, ensuring rapid development of the industry,” commented Ravi Mohan Dabral, Managing Director of OCSiAl Pvt. Ltd.

The two partner companies are looking forward to collaboration aimed at introducing the latest technologies into the Indian coatings market. Leading specialists are confident that the appearance of cost-effective and simple-to-handle products that outperform current solutions will result in a shift in the Indian market.