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Nanotube Applications for the Plastics Industry at ANTEC

Dr. Christian Maus, Development and Support Leader at OCSiAl, presented new applications of TUBALL™ nanotubes at ANTEC 2017, the largest technical conference in the plastics industry. Attendees learned how to optimize processing conditions for single wall carbon nanotube additives in thermoplastics and were provided with results in polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), and polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

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At the event attendees were able to meet with OCSiAl support and technical sales staff to learn how nanotubes provide superior electrical conductivity while preserving critical material properties and color. Dr. Maus' technical paper demonstrated that at loadings of 0.2% TUBALL™ achieved 10^4 Ohm*cm volume resistivity in polypropylene. His presentation highlighted the key compounding conditions that enable the development of a conductive thermoplastics with low TUBALL™ nanotubes contents: screw profile design, screw speed, equipment feeding conditions and process temperatures.

For further information on the presentation at ANTEC please contact usa@ocsial.com .