Invitation to China Composites Expo 2016

Invitation (small2).png

OCSiAl is delighted to invite you to join us at the 22 nd China International Composites Industrial Technical Expo, which takes place from August 31 to September 2 at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Centre.

OCSiAl will be showcasing its cutting-edge solutions and products for the new generation of conductivity in composites based on its ultimate carbon additive TUBALL™, which contains more than 75% of single wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs). In contrast to other widely used conductive additives, these innovative products at ultra-low loadings starting from 0,001% provide composites with a volume resistivity range of 10 8 -10 2 Ω *cm as well as providing composites manufacturers a unique opportunity to retain colour brightness and maintain or even increase the composites’ mechanical properties.

Highlights include:

· Super concentrates for conductivity in epoxy, polyester, polyurethane and vinylester systems . TUBALL™ MATRIX is a line of super concentrates based on TUBALL™ single wall carbon nanotubes, available in several matrices and easy to handle, these can be processed using standard equipment. TUBALL™ MATRIX provides materials with uniform conductivity without ‘hot spots’.

· Open-source technology for conductivity in epoxy and polyester . TUBALL™ COMP_E masterbatches, contain 0.7 wt.% of TUBALL™ single wall carbon nanotubes, which ensures strong electrical contact throughout polyester and epoxy resins. This easy to handle and dilute additive is based on universal low viscosity resins and provides the desired electrical conductivity while maintaining or even increasing the mechanical strength and colour of the product.

· Water-based suspensions for fiberglass with a variety of dispersants . This range of water-based nanotubes suspensions with the most commonly used dispersants: SDBS, PVP and CMC, can be added to a sizing agent for fiberglass manufacturing with all kinds of resins. These easy to handle and dilute suspensions retain the product’s colour while simultaneously reducing the harmful effects of fiberglass and increasing the fiberglass combing powder and tensile strength.

At booth A2701 OCSiAl will provide visitors with more information about the various applications of single wall carbon nanotubes-based products, provide additional product information and assist in ordering samples.

In view of the inimitability of the technology for the introduction of nanotubes into various composites, OCSiAl Vice President on polymers Zakhar Bolshakov will host a technical seminar entitled “New generation conductive additives” at Conference Hall 8 on August 31 from 14:40-15:40 . He will share the latest successes on the use of TUBALL™ MATRIX and will be happy to answer any questions. In particular, he will discuss the uniqueness of ground breaking conductive additive TUBALL™, which at ultra-low loadings starting from 0.001% make it possible to retain bright colour, achieve permanent and uniform electrical conductivity and maintain or even increase composites’ mechanical strength.

To confirm your attendance at the seminar and to arrange a convenient time to meet with us at the show, please contact us by email or phone +86 135 9012 5295 . We look forward to your visit.

Yours sincerely,

OCSiAl team.