Catch up in Luxembourg this November!

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Once again, OCSiAl is gathering together the world’s leading hi-tech experts at the Nanoaugmented Materials Industry Summit 2017 to share their knowledge and review the latest achievements in advancing materials with nanotubes. This time the event will be held in Luxembourg, at Le Fonds Belval on 15–16 November.

As in previous years, the Summit will focus on nanoaugmented materials and their exceptional properties that allow the creation of a new generation of products for a wide variety of industries.

What you can expect from participating in the Summit:

  • meet more than 500 executives, experts, researchers, analysts and journalists focused on applied nanotechnologies;
  • discover the most cutting-edge achievements in nanoindustry and catch up with the latest technology trends;
  • experience first-hand some of the many successfully commercialised products from all around the world;
  • shape the future of advanced materials together with the leading innovators.

Details and updates about the event are available at .

If you haven’t yet decided whether to join us for the Nanoaugmented Materials Industry Summit 2017, have a look at the video below and feel free to contact your nearest OCSiAl office – our friendly staff will answer any questions that you might have, and would be delighted to assist you in arranging your visit.

See you in Luxembourg this November!