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Add less and get better performance with TUBALL graphene nanotubes

How can you reduce overall additive loading, material amount, processing time and production costs while at the same time gaining superior electrical conductivity, an increase in mechanical strength, an improvement in thermal dissipation characteristics, and added value in your compounds? With its innovative technology, OCSiAl provides a solid competitive advantage to the compounding industry. Visit our booth #615 at Compounding World Expo on 27–28 June in Essen, Germany, to get more answers.

Graphene nanotubes, also referred to as single wall carbon nanotubes, dramatically improve the properties of countless materials used in manufacturing and open the door for overall resource efficiency. OCSiAl is the first company to develop breakthrough yet low-cost technology with unlimited scaling potential for the mass production of graphene nanotubes. When embedded into a material’s matrix, OCSiAl’s TUBALL™ nanotubes create a 3D reinforced and conductive network while maintaining the original colour and other key properties. The desired properties can be achieved with ultra-low loadings of the additive starting from just 0.01%, which is hundreds or thousands of times lower than for most standard additives.

OCSiAl is bringing nanoaugmented materials into the mainstream by simplifying their handling and by making significant progress in nanotube processability. So far, the company has developed TUBALL ™ MATRIX concentrates for paints, coatings, elastomers, composites and plastics. Together with its partners, OCSiAl has achieved a number of striking results in graphene nanotube applications in key thermoplastic compounds, such as PE, Polypropylene, ABS, PVC, Polyamide and Polycarbonate , as well as Elastomers, and Polyurethanes. To name just a few market-available products: rigid anti-static and coloured packaging with a resistivity of 3×10^6 Ω·cm, PE anti-static blown film with a resistivity of 10^9 Ω/sq, and a semi-conductive compound with a resistivity below 20 Ω·cm designed for medium- and high-voltage power cables.

As well as developing a line of easy-to-use concentrates for most industry-standard formulations, OCSiAl is committed to increasing the transparency of nanomaterial handling and to reshaping market perceptions regarding nanotube health, safety and environmental issues. For instance, TUBALL is the first single wall carbon nanotube to be registered in accordance with the EU-REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) regulations and to have a signed agreement regarding its consent order with the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). OCSiAl is now authorised to start large-volume commercial shipments of nanotubes to customers in Europe and in the USA, facilitating their mass utilisation in many different industries.

To get comprehensive information on OCSiAl’s line of products containing graphene nanotubes, visit us at booth #615 at Compounding World Expo in Essen, Germany, on 27–28 June.

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