OCSiAl Appoints Norbert Becker as Independent Director

Luxembourg-based OCSiAl, the global leader in graphene nanotube synthesis, has appointed Mr. Norbert Becker as an independent director, effective June 7.

Mr. Becker is a highly recognized global business executive with experience working with multinational financial institutions and families across Europe, Central Asia, China, Latin America, the Middle East, and the United States. He serves as an independent director for several financial institutions including PayPal Europe, Lombard International Assurance and China Everbright Bank. Over the last three decades, he has held various leadership roles, including as global managing partner at Andersen and Ernst & Young. Mr. Becker has been awarded the rank of Commandeur de l’Ordre de la Couronne de Chêne of Luxembourg and Officier de la Croix Civile et Militaire du Grand-Duc Adolphe.

“Our core nanotube synthesis technology began its journey here in Luxembourg. And we are proud to have Norbert, with his strong Luxembourg roots, on our board. We admire and share his dedication to the Grand Duchy’s drive to enhance economic diversity and elevate Luxembourg's global business stature. His extensive multinational experience will undoubtedly drive our growth initiatives,” said Konstantin Notman, OCSiAl Group CEO.

“I am excited to join the board of OCSiAl, which will undoubtedly write a new page in the history of Luxembourg’s industrial development,” commented Mr. Becker.

This is the third in a series of independent director appointments at OCSiAl since February 2024. Having independent directors on the board is crucial for OCSiAl to have a multitude of diverse perspectives and to strengthen governance, contributing to more robust decision-making and sustained growth. OCSiAl specializes in developing technologies based on graphene nanotubes, which are key to achieving a circular economy and net-zero goals thanks to their ability to optimize resource consumption and fundamentally enhance product characteristics. One significant application of nanotubes is in the automotive industry, where OCSiAl collaborates with leading companies to develop high-performance batteries that are accelerating the transition to electric vehicles. The company plans to establish the world’s largest graphene nanotube synthesis facility in Differdange, Luxembourg, in the coming years.