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iNanoComm Q1 2015 Update – Successfully Enabling Groundbreaking Applications


The Program was created to help researchers who work in the high potential field of carbon nanomaterials while minimizing materials costs. It is made possible by OCSiAl's high volume production process for high quality single wall carbon nanotubes which enables pricing as low as $2,000/kg for high volume orders.

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33 applications supported by iNanoComm, including:

  • Neural probes for neurochemical sensing
  • Hollow fiber membranes for use in hemodialysis and cell encapsulation
  • Surface and coating wear
  • Coating systems for corrosion control
  • Semiconducting and electronic transistors
  • Nanosensors
  • Energy storage and lithium-ion batteries
  • Strengthened epoxies and polymer nanocomposites
  • Semiconducting epoxies
  • Strain sensors in concrete
  • Aluminum alloy fatigue improvement
  • Conductive wire and insulation
OCSiAl is proud to be sponsoring leading researchers working on projects that will redefine materials and solutions in numerous fields. 

For more information about the iNanoComm Program, visit inanocomm.org or contact info@inanocomm.org.