TUBALL graphene nanotubes gain ground in Israel

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Israeli-based Nemo Nanomaterials is launching technological development and production of innovative materials based on TUBALL graphene nanotubes and their blend with other nanoadditives. High-performance materials and end-products will be marketed and distributed worldwide.

Ranked as the second most innovative country in the world, Israel is taking the lead in introducing nanoaugmented materials into various industries and sectors in the country and around the world. Recently, Nemo Nanomaterials, a high-tech Israeli-based company focused on improving the performance of various materials and compositions with nanoadditives, has signed an agreement with OCSiAl, the leading manufacturer of graphene nanotubes. Nemo Nanomaterials will develop a broad range of concentrates and cutting-edge solutions based on TUBALL graphene nanotubes and their synergistic combination with other nanomaterials.