TUBALL BATT to be used in class-new EV batteries

OCSiAl announced signing an R&D contract with Polaris Battery Labs (USA) to develop a new generation of battery cells for PHEV and EV, based on carbon nanotube technology. The electrode (cathode) of the class-new battery will contain TUBALL BATT, produced by OCSiAl under the unique low-cost technology for SWCNT synthesis .

TUBALL BATT is ready-to-use CNT-based solution which provides a substantial increase in the Li-ion battery cyclability and charge/discharge power. TUBALL BATT is used as an additive to the electrode slurry during the preparation of cathodes for Li-ion batteries with different cathode chemistry. In contrast to market analogues, TUBALL BATT is added in minimum loadings causing no changes in electrode slurry viscosity.

It is expected that TUBALL BATT will fully transfer the advantages of the nanotube technology to the new cells, rendering better overall performance compared to rivals in terms of cyclability, charge/discharge power and safety. We also expect a sufficient growth in specific capacity, which comes into sharp focus speaking of LIB functionality. The new battery cell will sell at commercially viable prices matching to market average. The industrial use of the new batteries will require minimum adjustments to the existing technological cycle, encouraging wide adoption by automobile manufacturers.