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OCSiAl moves beyond regular conductivity in coatings with their single wall carbon nanotubes


OCSiAl is leading the way in the mass production of high-quality single wall carbon nanotubes, and the company’s products are resulting in radical changes in the conductive coatings industry.

Single wall carbon nanotubes are unrivalled among other widely used conductive additives, as a loading as low as 0.01% is enough to significantly improve conductivity and other key characteristics of various coatings, including coloured and transparent conductive coatings, composites, and primers. The nanotubes are embedded into the material matrix and they create a strong conductive 3D network that not only guarantees uniform conductivity but also allows a number of important mechanical characteristics and durability to be improved.


“OCSiAl’s unique synthesis method enables the mass production of high-quality single wall carbon nanotubes at an unprecedented low cost – 75 times lower than its nearest analogues. This fact allows OCSiAl to provide cost-effective and easy-to-use solutions for the production of various materials and end products, particularly all types of coatings,” says Loyes Zhi, OCSiAl China Commercial Director.


At CHINACOAT 2016, OCSiAl is showcasing its easy-to-use TUBALL™ nanotube-based concentrates that have been specially developed for various coatings:

· TUBALL COAT_E for coloured conductive paints

· TUBALL INK for transparent conductive coatings

· TUBALL COMP_E for conductive composites

· TUBALL MATRIX for conductive thermoplastics, thermosets, rubbers and silicones


These innovative concentrates provide materials with superior conductivity while maintaining the original colour and enhancing important mechanical properties. What is also of great importance is that they are easy to handle and can be processed using standard equipment.

OCSiAl currently collaborates with 500 of the world’s most advanced companies. Recently, the company has boosted its presence in the Chinese market by signing a manufacturing and commercialisation agreement for nanotube-based technologies and products with one of the largest suppliers of chemical raw materials in China – Union Chemical.


“Union Chemical is confident that OCSiAl’s new technologies will exceed the limits of traditional materials’ performance and pave the way for further expansion of the use of nanotube-based concentrates in various industries. These agreements will support both companies’ efforts in improving the quality of chemicals in the Chinese market,” said Chen Lin, Union Chemical’s Head of Marketing.

By investing in the development of technologies for cost-effective nanotube applications, OCSiAl is demonstrating the huge potential of nanoaugmented materials in the coatings industry.

Visit hall 11.2 booth D05-08 to discover more about the superior performance of TUBALL additives first-hand.