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Korean scientific community is taking dynamic approach toward developing single wall carbon nanotube technologies

13 April, 2018, Daejeon, South Korea – More than 100 pioneers and innovators in the field of advanced materials researc h, as well as representatives from high-tech companies gathered together in Daejeon, South Korea to discuss how to push the boundaries of what is possible to achieve in the composites, elastomers, plastics, batteries and coatings industries. The participants and speakers met for the Conference and Workshop on Innovative Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes: From Laboratory to Industry and shared their progress in transforming recent impressive laboratory results with nanotubes into market-oriented products.


The event was organized by OCSiAl Asia Pacific, the Korean office of the world’s largest manufacturer of single wall carbon nanotubes and developer of technologies for their industrial application. Dr. Alexander Bezrodny, OCSiAl Vice President, R&D , opened the conference and presented the company’s recent findings and research results in developing technologies and products using this versatile material. New-generation thermosets and silicones, thermoplastics and coatings with enhanced properties, high-performance tires and li-ion batteries with ultra-high energy density were not only discussed at the conference, but displayed as well at a unique exhibition of OCSiAl partners’ products and materials with nanotubes from all around the world.


Korea has already demonstrated its active approach in developing successful market-oriented products with nanotubes. One such disruptive technology was presented by Professor Hansang Kwon, CEO of Next-Generation Materials . His team sucessfully overcame challenges faced by researchers that tried to create a so-called ’wonder material’ – a metal nanocomposite. ”We have developed aluminium, steel, copper and titanium metal composites with nanotubes. They have all shown very promising results, such as high conductivity, enhanced mechanical properties and flexibility in reducing weight of final product,” said Professor Kwon. Some of these technologies have already been successfully acquired by Korean companies.


In addition to discussing products and applications of nanotubes, the speakers also highlighted recent technologies that process and develop CNT fibers. This unique material sets the stage for the rapid advancement of hi-tech applications such as smart textile, flexible and wearable devices, filter membranes, high-grade sensors and displays. At the conference Dr. Boncheol Ku, Principal Researcher at the Korean Institute of Science and Technology , and Dr. Joongtark Han, Principal Researcher at the Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute presented their innovative technologies for the production of CNT fibers with single wall carbon nanotubes. The conference also revealed the potential contribution nanotubes can make in overcoming global warming by making it possible to produce high-performance materials that can reduce GHG emissions.


The event took place in Daejeon, a Korean innovation hub for hi-tech companies and their R&D centres. The conference closed on an upbeat note and took a significant step forward in introducing nanotube technologies to an even wider range of industries. By hosting the conference, South Korea has shown it is both willing and able to advance high-tech industries through the development of disruptive technologies with single wall carbon nanotubes, the material of the future.