New way to multifunctional textiles: graphene nanotubes
29 November

New way to multifunctional textiles: graphene nanotubes

OCSiAl webinar

11 am CET

Explore how just 0.02 wt% graphene nanotubes imparts functionality to textiles without compromising other important properties such as oil and chemical resistance or flame retardance. They enable permanent, stable electrical conductivity in the range of 105–1011 Ohm in full compliance with ESD standards to prevent static accumulation and allow use in ATEX, cleanroom, automotive, smart wear, and other demanding industries. Ready-to-use solutions based on nanotubes grant dust-repellent properties and touchscreen compatibility for comfort, and save time and laundering costs.

Join OCSiAl’s webinar and investigate how to:

  • add safety to your textile by enabling permanent and uniform conductivity to reduce static charge accumulation
  • increase comfort and save time and laundering costs by facilitating dust-repellent features in textile
  • be the first to research more opportunities in other functional and smart textiles, be it nanofinishing or nanofabric.

This webinar will be of interest to experts in transport and medical textiles, smart textiles, yarns, nonwoven textiles, and other technical textiles.

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