Free OCSiAl webinar
7 June

Free OCSiAl webinar

Graphene nanotubes: add conductivity with better processing to PU rollers & sleeves

Date: June 7, 2023

Time: 11 am CET

Duration: 40 minutes

Explore how replacing your conductive agent with just 0.02 wt.% graphene nanotubes allows you to stop compromising the safety and processing of your polyurethane rollers and sleeves in favor of aesthetic aspects, curing, and casting time.

Join OCSiAl’s webinar and find out how graphene nanotubes:

  • provide rollers and sleeves with stable, uniform conductivity throughout their thickness, without “hot spots,” and independent of humidity
  • optimize the standard production cycle for anti-static sleeves and improve casting stability for conductive rollers
  • make it possible to produce colorful, durable conductive sleeves and rollers without compromising mechanical properties
  • are used by the industry as a solution fully complying with production processes.

This webinar will be of interest to polyurethane roller and sleeve producers, raw materials manufacturers and compounders, producers of production lines where these rollers and sleeves are mounted, and PU casting machine producers. The final applications of nanotube-modified rollers and sleeves include sectors such as the converting (paper converting, tissue converting, film converting), packaging, printing, food, and transport industries.

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