Free OCSiAl and Reschem webinar
27 September

Free OCSiAl and Reschem webinar

There are 3 reasons to start using graphene nanotubes for ESD flooring and conductive powder coatings. Graphene nanotubes:

  1. meet complex ESD requirements and provide additional cost savings
  2. are applied via standard mixing equipment and allow greater flexibility in the final formulation
  3. have already been validated by the industry

On Tuesday September 27 at 3 pm CET, the OCSiAl and Reschem teams will show how to improve the cost efficiency and performance of flooring and powder coatings with graphene nanotubes—even just 0.01 wt.% enables increased safety, improved durability, and lighter colors.                                                

Register for free. The webinar will be in Italian. Participation is free of charge. If you have any questions, please reach out to us via

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