Free OCSiAl and EC webinar
29 September

Free OCSiAl and EC webinar

Join OCSiAl and European Coatings’ free webinar and find your perfect sustainable graphene nanotube solution for high-performance conductive coatings: linings and gelcoats, powder coatings and flooring, primers, and others.

On Thursday September 29 at 3 pm CET, the OCSiAl team will discuss how to enhance coatings and enable conductivity. During the webinar, Cristina Planchon, Coatings Sales Manager EMEA, and Hendrik Janssen, Technical Support Engineer, will explore how to combine conductivity and excellent coating appearance with lower cost in use.

In contrast to standard anti-static additives, graphene nanotubes guarantee stable and uniform conductivity even at 0.01 wt.%. As a result, producers gain enhanced safety and prolonged durability of coatings, and contribute to lowering CO2 emissions.

Join our webinar and explore how to:

  • increase the overall performance of coatings with lower cost in use
  • retain original production when replacing a standard agent with nanotubes or expand your product line with a conductive solution
  • contribute to carbon neutrality with advanced conductive linings and powder coatings, floorings, gelcoats, primers, and other coatings

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