TUBALL Recognized as the Most Innovative Technology for Adhesives at the 2017 China Hot-Melt Adhesives Forum

Loyes Zhi, OCSiAl China Managing Director, gave a presentation to 500 adhesives industry professionals at the China Hot-Melt Adhesives Forum, held on 28–30 March 2017 in Changzhou, Jiangsu province. His talk, entitled “Applications of single wall carbon nanotubes in adhesives,” detailed the advantages of using OCSiAl’s TUBALL nanotubes in solvent or solvent-free, hot-melt or water-based adhesives. The applications he reported were greatly appreciated by the audience, and TUBALL was acknowledged to be the most innovative technology now available for the adhesives industry.


OCSiAl already has well-established collaborations with several large Chinese manufacturers. According to OCSiAl’s Loyes Zhi, “Hundreds of companies are represented in the Chinese adhesives market, and we have huge expectations of the use of single wall carbon nanotubes in this field. We anticipate significant sales of TUBALL in the Chinese adhesives industry in the second half of 2017.” OCSiAl’s experts left the China Hot-Melt Adhesives Forum with high business expectations, backed by almost 90 leads and 25 sample requests.