TUBALL as the conductive additive of a new generation

We have already talked about the possibilities of using our material TUBALL to replace traditional conductive additives in the development of cathodes of li-ion batteries. By replacing the traditional carbon black additives that constitute 2.5-5% of the cathode weight with a small amount of single-walled carbon nanotubes, TUBALL allows battery manufacturers to increase the share of the active material and consequently increase the energy consumption of the battery without any loss of properties. In many cases, it even results in an increase in characteristics, such as the C-rate.


Until now our company has been working solely with LFP-cathodes. Only our partners and customers have been working on other cathode chemicals. Today we are pleased to present the test results of battery cells based on NCM-cathode, in which 2.5% of traditional conductive additives were replaced by 0.05% TUBALL, inserted into the cathode using our serial modifier TUBALL BATT.