OCSiAL reports high levels of interest from visitors to CIBF 2016


Global chemical company OCSiAl has demonstrated its innovative products for batteries at the 12th China International Battery Fair in Shenzhen. Recent research conducted by Bar-Ilan University in Israel has shown that OCSiAl’s advanced conductive additive TUBALL™ BATT, outperforms traditional analogues in cycle life and capacity in both Li-ion and lead acid batteries.  In tests, the use of TUBALL™ BATT was proven to significantly increase the lifetime of lead acid batteries by up to 4.5 times, notably reduce lead poisoning related to battery disposal, and positively contribute to environmental protection.


OCSiAl also used CIBF 2016 as a platform to promote TUBALL™ FOIL - copper and aluminium foil coated with less than 50 nanometer film of the universal additive TUBALL™, which contains 75% of SWCNTs. TUBALL™ FOIL outperforms the more widely-used carbon coated foil in key markers including electrical conductivity and adhesion, with minimal thickness of the conductive layer. The significant decrease in the thickness of the conductive coating will support battery manufacturers’ efforts to increase the energy density and prolong the life of lithium-ion batteries.


The first day of the show afforded the company with the opportunity to forge long-term business relationships with a number of leading global battery manufacturers. OCSiAl has engaged with more than 30 companies, supplying catalogues and foil samples, as well as arranging for follow-up contact after the show. Five of the largest Chinese battery manufacturers have expressed a keen interest in OCSiAl products based on SWCNT TUBALL™.


China International Battery Fair which takes place every two years provides a forum for battery manufacturers and users to exchange ideas on new technologies, expand their markets and promote their products to customers at the worldwide marketplace. CIBF 2016 runs until May 26, and OCSiAl is expecting to engage with an even greater number of potential clients across the next two days.