A radical approach to strength and light weight in composites was presented at Composites Europe 2017

At the highly regarded Composites Europe fair, held on 19–21 September in Stuttgart in the heart of the German high-tech manufacturing region, OCSiAl presented its novel high-performance approach to achieving strength, light weight and conductivity in composite materials. Transportation, building, construction, tooling, cable and wire, compounding and masterbatch manufacturers were impressed by the striking results made possible with the company’s TUBALL nanotube-based products. I mproved weather and corrosion resistance, and fire retardancy also provide added value for composite applications .


“TUBALL PAPER – a unique ultra-light, conductive and strong material that consists of more than 90% of nanotubes – attracted great interest from the participants. The cable and transportation industries were particularly keen to be kept informed as to when our new product TUBALL PAPER will become commercially available,” commented Christoph Siara, OCSiAl Europe Sales and Marketing Director.


OCSiAl Europe has successfully developed a well-established network of distributors. The company’s industrial partners participated jointly in Composites Europe 2017, sharing their expertise in customer requirements and their knowledge facilitating the comprehension of the manufacturing, business and regulatory environments into which TUBALL delivers benefits. Joint efforts resulted in a significant number of new business contacts.