OCSiAl China: 5 years of landmark achievements

OCSiAl China celebrates its 5th anniversary. In 2016, the China team took its first steps in the nanotube business in the region, opening offices in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Today, thanks to its activities in Asia, OCSiAl China is one of the key units of the company, accounting for 70% of global sales. To support key customers and develop new nanotube applications, OCSiAl has launched its R&D TUBALL CENTER in Shanghai.

Let’s review the top 5 facts about OCSiAl China:

  1. The team consists of 35 qualified experts in management, research and development, sales, technical support, and other fields.
  2. More than 500 clients, many of which are the leading materials manufacturers and chemical suppliers.
  3. The production capacity of TUBALL nanotube concentrates and suspensions for application in lithium-ion batteries, various composites, coatings and elastomers is 2,600 tonnes per year.
  4. 12 tonnes of TUBALL graphene nanotubes have being sold.
  5. The sales markets have expanded to Hong Kong, Taipei, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur and Mumbai.