Free OCSiAl and PCI webinar
30 June

Free OCSiAl and PCI webinar

On Thursday June 30 at 2 pm EDT, OCSiAl will launch its webinar devoted to coatings improvements. During the webinar, Ian Fellows, the CEO of OCSiAl Americas operations, will share insights on how to increase the cost efficiency and performance of your coatings by using graphene nanotubes.

Even 0.01 wt.% TUBALLTM graphene nanotubes enables increased safety, improved durability, and lighter colors. Easy-to-use concentrates simplify nanotube handling. Among products enhanced by nanotubes are conductive mold coats, gelcoats, polyurethane coatings, PVC coatings, linings, self-leveling floors, acrylic primers, and powder coatings.

Join our webinar and:

  1. investigate the unique properties of nanotubes and how they work
  2. get a detailed comparison of nanotubes’ and your anti-static additive’s performance
  3. explore the most interesting business cases
  4. learn about OCSiAl’s range of solutions suitable for each specific formulation.

Register for free. If you have any questions, please reach out to us via