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OCSiAl to Debut Expanded Line of Industrial Nanomodifers at 2014 Taiwan Nano Exhibition


A comprehensive line of TUBALL-based industrial nanomodifiers will be on display at OCSiAl and Evermore Trading Corporation's booth #A516 at the 2014 Taiwan Nano Exhibition. The Exhibition will be held at the Taipei World Trade Center, Hall 1, from October 2-4.

OCSiAl and Evermore will have TUBALL high-volume single-wall carbon nanotubes and a wide range of TUBALL-based industrial nanomodifiers and products, including those for lithium-on batteries, thermoplastics, thermoset composites, tires and rubber, and aluminum alloys.

TUBALL-based industrial nanomodifiers enhance the strength, electrical and/or thermal conductivity of materials without requiring process changes. The nanomodifiers are drop-in improvements, providing a way to improve properties in current and in development products without manufacturing changes.

For more information on products and samples contact us  or find us at booth A516.