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OCSiAl presents its technology to the Luxembourg Materials and Manufacturing Cluster

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Being a member of the Luxemburg Materials and Manufacturing Cluster, OCSiAl was invited to present its new materials development strategy and manufacturing technologies at a meeting in the Belval Technoport. The audience, consisting of like-minded pioneers greatly interested in new technologies, warmly welcomed the presentation by Michael Enotiades, OCSiAl Europe Sales Manager. He shared the OCSiAl vision for sustainable technologies and its goals in achieving materials’ efficiency, highlighting the company’s aim to work closely with local affiliated structures, organizations and manufacturers.

OCSiAl is not only headquartered in Luxembourg, but also plans to stage its Nanoaugmented Materials Industry Summit 2017 here. This is the annual event held by OCSiAl to present the world’s cutting-edge technologies where participants can share their experience and knowledge of new materials. In addition, immediately prior to the Summit and also in Luxembourg, the Economist Group together with OCSiAl will hold The Future of Materials Summit: A New Age for Manufacturing