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Introducing TUBALL-based solutions to Indian market of paints and coatings

The delegates of PaintIndia 2016 will get an insight of OCSiAl cost–effective industrial solutions for introducing conductive properties into paints and floor coatings while maintaining their key mechanical and rheological properties. OCSiAl will demonstrate the possibility to achieve electrostatic conductive properties in materials at ultra–low loading levels of a conductive additive – starting from 0.01 wt.%. There will be an opportunity for Q&A session with a speaker as well.
PaintIndia is a series of exhibitions, which is among the oldest and the most important for the coatings industry in the Indian sub-continent. It's a platform for presenting the latest news, research results and technology achievements in coatings and raw materials, and its allied fields. You can find out more about the event here: http://paintindia.in