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OCSiAl presents its technology at IEEE 10th Anniversary Symposium

During the event, Jury Koropachinskiy (president, OCSiAl) and Mikhail Predtechenskiy (SVP R&D, OCSiAl) will give a speech.

The presentation will unveil a cutting-edge technology of the graphene tubes mass production and demonstrate the possibilities for materials improvement through the addition of such nanotubes. The presentation will also show some results of different applications of graphene tubes including conductive composites which can be painted electrostatically, flexible transparent conductive film with high transparency and low resistance, lithium-ion batteries with increased power and cycle life, and many others.

The new method of graphene tubes synthesis, unlike all the current approaches, will be announced as both scalable and cost-effective. The OCSiAl technology brings, for the first time, commercial viability to the extensive industrial use of SWCNT.

The materials from the presentation will be available at our website shortly after the event.