Nano Korea 2017: OCSiAl Asia Pacific continues to gain influence in the Korean market

OCSiAl Asia Pacific has strengthened its position in South Korea, one of the world’s major high-tech markets, by participating in the Nano Korea 2017 exhibition. TUBALL single wall carbon nanotube solutions for Li-ion batteries, anti-static coatings and silicones, developed together with key Korean stakeholders, attracted considerable interest from visitors and brought more than 300 potential clients to the OCSiAl booth.

Connecting the Korean silicone industry with high-end technologies: Grace Continental Korea partners with OCSiAl

Grace Continental Korea and OCSiAl Asia Pacific have signed a number of agreements that will blaze a trail for advancing the Korean silicone industry. This leading Korean manufacturer of silicone is expanding its range of products by introducing to the market high-performance silicones and PSA films produced with OCSiAl’s TUBALL single wall carbon nanotubes, one of the most promising new materials.

Advancing the Japanese chemical industry: Kusumoto Chemicals and OCSiAl announce the manufacturing and marketing of TUBALL-based products in Japan

Kusumoto Chemicals and OCSiAl have officially entered into a collaboration that will result in the manufacturing and marketing of innovative additives for producing high-performance end products. The two partners are confident that advanced TUBALL single wall carbon nanotube-based concentrates will trigger a big step forward compared with conventional additives.


香港海逸将开始本地化生产和销售锂离子电池和铅酸电池最前沿的解决方案—以单壁碳纳米管为基础的分散浆料——TUBALL BATT。OCSiAl的TUBALL BATT将为电池技术带来突破性的发展,提升10%的能量密度。