Now made in Japan – Asian battery manufacturers welcome highly conductive nanotube additive

Kusumoto Chemicals, one of the leading chemical companies in Japan, is the first to launch local industrial production of TUBALL™ BATT – an innovative single wall carbon nanotube additive for Li-ion batteries. This additive solves the key problem of high-energy silicon anodes – poor cycle life – and is thus, for first time ever, enabling their industrial adoption for electric vehicles. Large-scale Japanese battery manufacturers are eagerly awaiting the first nanotube-based products from this new production facility.

Reinventing the wheel is possible with graphene nanotubes

Do you enjoy a cross-country ride on your bike on the weekend? Wouldn’t you appreciate a bike with higher performance and with safer and longer lasting rims? And ideally not at a jaw-dropping price. Graphene in the form of graphene nanotubes has shown huge potential for enhancing the properties and reducing the weight of bicycle wheel rims.