Korean scientific community is taking dynamic approach toward developing single wall carbon nanotube technologies

More than 100 pioneers and innovators in the field of advanced materials research, as well as representatives from high-tech companies gathered together in Daejeon, South Korea to discuss how to push the boundaries of what is possible to achieve in the composites, elastomers, plastics, batteries and coatings industries. The participants and speakers met for the Conference and Workshop on Innovative Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes: From Laboratory to Industry and shared their progress in transforming recent impressive laboratory results with nanotubes into market-oriented products.

TUBALL nanotubes – permanently conductive gelcoats with bright colours and a shiny finish

A line of novel conductive gelcoats from BÜFA Composite Systems, with coloured and glossy surfaces, is changing the perception of conductive gelcoats. Achieve surface resistivity as low as 10^3 Ω/sq in polyester-based gelcoats by adding a tiny amount of TUBALL single wall carbon nanotubes, enhancing surface appearance and their high weathering resistance.