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TUBALL nanotube-reinforced composite rebar reveals potential for increased bearing capacity

Metal corrosion destroys reinforced concrete bearing structures and is one of the key drawbacks of steel rebar. Composite rebar is becoming increasingly more attractive due to its physical and engineering advantages. Adding TUBALL nanotubes (currently the only commercially viable single wall carbon nanotubes produced on industrial scale by OCSiAl) expands the boundaries of technical and performance features of composite materials and makes significant improvements in the modulus of elasticity.


TUBALL nanotubes are increasingly being used as a reinforcing additive for various types of composite materials due to their ability to improve static and dynamic mechanical properties of original materials. Depending on the type of resin, production method, and a number of other parameters, they can significantly improve the characteristics affecting the polymer matrix properties and its adhesion to the fiber. As a result, the material's fatigue strength, creep resistance, bending strength, interlaminar shear strength, damage resistance, impact resistance, as well as a number of other key characteristics, are enhanced.


PolyCompozite LLC, one of the largest manufacturers of composite materials in Russia, is marketing composite rebar reinforced with TUBALL nanotubes. To make composite rebar with a diameter of 5 mm, PolyCompozite added 0.05 wt% of nanotubes using a TUBALL MATRIX concentrate simplifying nanotube handling. The sample test and comparison to the reference part showed tensile strength increase by 32 %, and bending strength increase by 29 %.

Composite rebar TUBALL-reinforced composite rebar
Ultimate strength 1,100 MPa 1,456 MPa
Modulus of elasticity 51 GPa 54 GPa
Bending strength 615 MPa 795 MPa

“Over time, such outstanding improvements in properties will increase the bearing capacity of structures, offer opportunities to reduce the area of rebar , and allow for real-time monitoring of the protective layer in concrete and at the rebar location,” said Konstantin Gusev, Head of the Department of Technology and Quality of PolyCompozite.

OCSiAl exhibits TUBALL MATRIX concentrates for composite applications at JEC World 2018, Booth #5G23 . OCSiAl’s technical experts advise visitors on the best solution for their products and assist them in ordering free samples. Let’s reinvent composites together!