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Nano Korea 2017: OCSiAl Asia Pacific continues to gain influence in the Korean market

This was the third time in a row that the OCSiAl Asia Pacific team had participated in Nano Korea, an event featuring the most innovative nanotechnology that this year gathered together nearly 350 companies from 12 countries. “Nano Korea is one of the most authoritative events in the global nanoindustry, and it provides the ideal platform for negotiating and partnering with key players in both the Korean and the international high-tech industry,” said Viktor Kim, OCSiAl Asia Pacific CEO.


A highlight of the OCSiAl stand was the display of advanced products made with the application of TUBALL nanotubes. High-performance conductive silicones such as pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA), high-consistency silicone rubber (HCR) and liquid silicone rubber (LSR) attracted great interest both from industrial manufacturers and from users of end-products. These conductive and coloured silicones containing TUBALL are made by Grace Continental Korea under the recently signed agreement that allows the company to manufacture TUBALL MATRIX 601 and 602 concentrates based on OCSiAl technology.

Another advanced product that OCSiAl showcased during Nano Korea 2017 is a unique ultra-light, conductive and durable material – TUBALL PAPER. Designed to be lightweight, flexible and thin, TUBALL PAPER can replace traditional metal braids and shields used in both data and power cables. It was obvious to visitors to OCSiAl’s stand that there is huge potential in the Korean market for this product to be used in portable electronics for electromagnetic shielding.

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As well as demonstrating the company’s off-the-shelf solutions, OCSiAl experts delivered presentations outlining all the latest achievements in market-oriented applications of single wall carbon nanotubes. Youngsup Kim, OCSiAl Asia Pacific Commercial Director, shared the opportunities for TUBALL in composites and silicones, while Konstantin Tikhonov, OCSiAl Energy CTO, provided an update on TUBALL-based solutions for Li-ion batteries. Finally, Sergey Chupin, OCSiAl Product Development Engineer, announced a new suspension with a higher concentration of nanotubes that is being designed specially to meet the needs of the Korean market. All three of these speakers discussed the remarkable fact that concentrations of TUBALL starting from just 0.01% enable the use of less raw material while producing more high-performance end-products.


“This year, we have had a lot of traffic coming to the stand and we collected more than 300 leads. OCSiAl’s success at this exhibition follows on closely after two significant regional and global events for the company – the agreement on collaboration with Grace Continental Korea and the announcement of the planned construction of the world’s largest nanotube synthesis facility in Luxembourg. Our partners are delighted with the rapid development of the company,” added Viktor Kim. South Korea is one of the most exciting markets for developing applied advanced nanotechnologies. OCSiAl is already partnering with leading Korean companies in various industries and it is always open for new collaboration. In case you missed Nano Korea 2017, please request any additional information at asiapacific@ocsial.com .