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“Moving imagination” with Ujet’s innovative electric scooter

“We believe that with its leading-edge technology, connectivity and innovative design, our electric scooter introduces a new world of performance that will ensure an incomparably smooth and safe ride,” said Hugues Després, VP Global Sales & Marketing of Ujet Group. Ujet’s mobility solution embodies efficiency. Being noiseless and with zero tailpipe emissions, it contributes to a healthier, quieter and cleaner environment.


Ujet presents a new mobility solution that combines unique design and high-end connectivity with disruptive material innovation that was developed in partnership with OCSiAl. “In certain fields we have generated striking results, such as in nano-optimised tires. Ujet tires containing TUBALL are the lightest in their class and demonstrate significantly increased grip in wet and dry conditions, and greatly enhanced abrasion resistance. It is a real leap forward in the tire industry,” said Jean-Nicolas Helt, OCSiAl’s Development and Support Leader for Elastomers. “We are exploring the further potential of TUBALL in Ujet by developing enhanced polymers and Li-ion batteries that will contribute to even more weight reduction, range extension and to safer riding.”

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Ujet is designed for optimum use in cities. Intended for door-to-door mobility, it takes up much less space than a car for driving and parking, and represents a fast mode of urban transportation. Foldable and equipped with a compact and rollable battery, it requires no dedicated on-street charging infrastructure. “Our aim is to launch our electric scooter in Paris, Milan, Barcelona, Luxembourg and Monaco in early 2018. Pre-orders are now available online at www.ujet.com ,” added Mr Després.