July, 02-04 Join OCSiAl at NANO KOREA 2014

NANO KOREA , Korea’s leading nanotechnology professional event, is held annually as well as jointly hosted by Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy and the Ministry of Science, ICT & Future Planning with the objectives of encouraging exchange of latest nanotechnology research results and prompt application of the technology in various industries. NANO KOREA 2014, consisting of a symposium and exhibition, will be held for three days from July 2 (Wed.) to 4 (Fri.) at the COEX, Korea with the theme “Nanotechnology, the Engine of Creative Economy”.

OCSiAl team gladly invites everybody, who is interested in nanotubes, to join our NANO KOREA 2014 activities:

    -OCSiAl’s exhibition booth (Nano Materials & Devices Zone (№A-K38), where you will have an opportunity to get a free sample of TUBALL material (ultimate nanomodifier, SWCNT content >75%);

    -OCSiAl’s presentation of technology and products to our valued partners in Asia Pacific (July, 03, 11:00 Seminar Room, Expo Hall B);

    -The speech of Mikhail Predtechensky (CTO, co-founder, OCSiAl) devoted to OCSiAl’s unique technology of mass graphene tubes production at NANO KOREA symposium(July, 02, 11:25 room TS09).