The joint department of Novosibirsk State University and OCSiAl has graduated 26 experts in nanocomposite materials and starts new enrollment

  • Novosibirsk State University and OCSiAl have concluded a third graduation ceremony of masters of the Nanocomposite Materials Department with 10 masters in “Chemistry” and “Physics”
  • The best graduates will keep their career going in the international leading company in the sphere of graphene nanotubes

Twenty six masters have completed the full “Nanocomposite Materials” course of study in Novosibirsk State University during 4 years of the Department’s work. The feature of the program is its interdisciplinarity: it trains unique specialists at the nexus of physics and chemistry with qualification in the field of nanocomposite material development that is widely in-demand all over the world. During their study students work in the OCSiAl laboratories – a worldwide leader in the industry of graphene nanotubes production. As a part of graduation practice, they take part in relevant problem-solving for the modern materials science and development of the technologies for graphene nanotubes used by hundreds industrial partners of OCSiAl, which include the largest industrial companies in all spheres from construction materials to electronics.

Such programs of cooperation between universities and leading technological innovation companies are commonly introduced. By providing training, equipment and experts’ assistance for the students, the company conducts a talent hunt for gifted and perspective graduates” - Alexander Khasin, Deputy Head of Nanocomposite Materials Department and Lead Researcher of OCSiAl.

Four masters of the first two graduations of the program are currently working in OCSiAl, another three graduates of the program have received an invitation this year. “Moreover, we assist in employment of all graduates of the program, by recommending them to the companies working with nanocomposite materials in different industry branches” - Alexander Khasin.

During “Nanocomposite Materials” course the masters get comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge of carbon nanomaterials, their properties and methods of their use, as well as knowledge of related fields of modern materials science, which expand the sphere of their understanding and further growth opportunities. This also includes the materials technologies for lithium-ion batteries, rubbers, composite materials based on thermoplastics and thermosets.

The areas of application of graphene nanotubes as a universal additive that can be used in 70% of all base materials to improve their specific properties are rapidly expanding and the demand for the specialists in this field will only increase.