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Polaris Battery Labs to approve the advantages of TUBALL BATT

OCSiAl and its American partner PolarisBattery Labs undertook studies tracking the effects of TUBALL BATT introduction into the electrode slurry. TUBALL BATT is easy to apply cost-effective CNT-based solution to enhance the properties of li-ion batteries, produced by OCSiAl under a unique technology for graphene tubes production .

Preliminary performance of TUBALL BATT was evaluated using Polaris’ Baseline lithium cobalt oxide (LCO) and artificial graphite (GRA) single layer cell. The OCSiAl additive significantly improved LCO:GRA performance, even though no attempt was made to optimize the OCSiAl cell formulation. As such performance enhancement can be achieved with a direct, drop-in replacement of NMP with TUBALL BATT/NMP slurry. Test results demonstrate enhanced rate capability and reduced capacity fade with the OCSiAl CNT/NMP slurry.

Polaris Battery Labs, 21 Apr. 2014

Currently TUBALL BATT is undergoing lab tests in two globally recognized research centers in Germany. The tests are being carried out on the NMC- and LCO-based cathodes. OCSiAl continues developing new formulations to introduce the whole new family of TUBALL BATT additives to fit cathodes with different chemistry.

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