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CIBF 2016 Ends with Successful TUBALL Partnerships For Energy Markets


OCSiAl showcased its unique products for Li-ion and lead acid batteries – TUBALL BATT and TUBALL FOIL – to a consistently crowded booth at CIBF 2016. Attendees were interested in learning more about the most advanced electrode additive and current collector products on the market to enable new and improved applications in numerous end products. Dozens of companies expressed strong interest in long-term technology partnerships with OCSiAl.


TUBALL BATT helps to increase the percentage of active cathode material up to 99.3% and improve adhesion by establishing strong ties between the particles, reducing the amount of binder required. TUBALL FOIL is a line of aluminum or copper foils coated with an extremely thin layer of single wall carbon nanotubes for use as a current collector in Li-ion batteries, reducing impedance and improving adhesion with virtually no additional thickness (less then 50 nm).The China International Battery Fair (CBIF) 2016 came to an end on May 26, gathering more than 1000 participants and significantly more visitors. The energy field has always been one of the most active spheres of the economy, attracting high levels of interest from companies around the world, and CIBF 2016 is one of the most prominent exhibitions in the industry. The latest products and technologies throughout the energy industry were presented at CIBF 2016, with clean energy in the foreground.