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ESD Coloured and Reinforced Thermoplastics

Benefits of TUBALL™

  • TUBALL™ enables high conductivity at significantly lower loadings
  • Permanent and uniform conductivity without “hot spots"
  • Tensile strength increase
  • Enables colouration
  • Easy to handle with off-the-shelf concentrates

TUBALL™ single wall carbon nanotubes are superior to other conductive additives owing to their significantly reduced loading levels, starting from just 0.01% by total weight of the compound.

Resistivity of polyethylene after compression molding at various TUBALL™ nanotubes loadings


Unlike other conventional additives, which require higher loading levels, TUBALL™ provides uniform permanent conductivity without significantly impacting the colour, and it even enhances mechanical properties.

Tensile strength of polyethylene at various TUBALL™ nanotube loadings


How do I get a sample?

TUBALL™ Thermoplastics Solutions

OCSiAl supplies TUBALL™ in the form of a super-concentrate available for polyethelynes – TUBALL™ MATRIX 801. With the most advanced research and development facility dedicated to single wall carbon nanotube applications, OCSiAl is uniquely capable of integrating nanotube solutions with your thermoplastic materials.


How do I get a sample?

Case Study: PolyTeam

PolyTeam, one of the leading Russian manufacturers of polyethylene products, needed to develop a line of coloured anti-static polyethylene tanks, produced by a rotation moulding method. The specific application required that there be no negative impacts on the mechanical properties, viscosity or density of the host material.


Coloured Anti-static Polyethylene Tanks at PolyTeam
Solution0.07% of TUBALL™ delivered via TUBALL™ MATRIX 801
ESD PerformanceVolume resistivity level of 3×10^6 Ω·cm
Goal AchievedEnhanced mechanical properties, and no significant increase
in viscosity or density of the host material

Case Study: Granch

The bodies of mining signal lights need to be anti-static because of the risk of methane explosions. Granch, a manufacturer of signal communication tools, wanted to develop a signal light body made of ABS plastic but with anti-static properties and reinforced with TUBALL™ nanotubes.

signal light.jpg

Mining Signal Lights at Granch
Solution0.3% of TUBALL™
ESD PerformanceVolume resistivity level of 10^5 Ω·cm
Goal AchievedShock resistance increased by 35%

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