Industrial production of single wall carbon nanotubes

OCSiAl is the first international advanced materials company to commercialise breakthrough technology for the synthesis of high-quality single wall carbon nanotubes. The pilot industrial facility for single wall carbon nanotubes synthesis named Graphetron 1.0 was installed in the Nanomodified Materials Centre at the Technopark of Novosibirsk Akademgorodok, in the R&D centre of OCSiAl.

This is the world's largest facility producing more than 10 tons of single wall carbon nanotubes per year. The successful operation of Graphetron 1.0 has provided experimental proof of the unlimited scaling potential of our synthesis technology.

OCSiAl’s process for producing SWCNT is protected by patents and patent applications in 50 countries, owned by a global holding company headquartered in Luxembourg. This technology allows the synthesis of a wide range of carbon nanomaterials. 

In the process of engineering and creating the pilot facility Graphetron 1.0, top priority was given to safety issues. This is why the design of the facility was commissioned to globally-renowned engineering firms with a proven track-record and significant experience in implementing various projects in the chemical industry.

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