Human existence is shaped by the materials we use. More than 70% of all basic materials can be improved by introducing a universal additive – single wall carbon nanotubes. These tiny tubes provide us with a rare opportunity to create nanoaugmented materials that have extraordinary properties.

Single wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) can also be called graphene nanotubes as they are essentially an extremely thin rolled up sheet of graphene. The pre-eminence of these nanotubes is related to their exceptional properties, such as superior conductivity, high temperature resistance, ultra-low weight, record strength and high flexibility.


While the huge potential of SWCNTs has been recognised for many years, until recently their wide application in industry was not possible because of the absence of technology for their mass production, their high price and the lack of methods for introducing them into materials.

TUBALL™ nanotubes are the first SWCNTs to be available for commercial applications in a wide range of industries. OCSiAl’s breakthrough yet low-cost mass-production technology has made the widespread use of nanotubes economically viable while still preserving their high quality (with an iron content of less than 1%).


  • High quality of SWCNT (G/D ratio >100)
  • Best price–performance ratio compared with analogues
  • Gains traction starting from extremely low concentrations
  • Adds uniform and permanent electrical conductivity
  • Enhances mechanical properties of materials
  • Maintains colour, elasticity and other key properties
  • Versatile for an extremely wide range of applications.


TUBALL™ provides significant improvements in material properties upon the addition of ultra-low loadings, starting from as little as 0.01%.

Unlike conventional additives such as multi wall carbon nanotubes, carbon fibers and most types of carbon black, which all disperse unevenly throughout the material’s matrix, SWCNTs nanotubes create a uniform 3D reinforcing and conductive network.*


*Ma, P. C., Siddiqui, N. A., Marom, G., & Kim, J. K. (2010). Dispersion and functionalization of carbon nanotubes for polymer-based nanocomposites: a review. Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 41 (10), 1345-1367.


TUBALL™ nanotubes can dramatically improve the properties of the majority of materials used in industry. This wonder-material is just at the beginning of its journey. OCSiAl is taking the lead in the developing of numerous dispersion technologies that allow customers to integrate TUBALL™ into their products without changes in manufacturing technology or formulation.



To facilitate the effective incorporation of TUBALL™ into materials, OCSiAl has developed a line of easy-to-use pre-dispersed concentrates, masterbatches and suspensions that are compatible with a wide variety of industry-standard formulations.

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