Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes

TUBALL — the universal nanomodifier for materials

TUBALL™ contains 80% and more of single wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) and can be used as a universal additive, simultaneously enhancing strength, electrical and/or thermal conductivity of most materials, including polymer composites, rubbers, metals and many others.


TUBALL™ features:

  • high single wall carbon nanotube content in the material "as-produced" (>80%);
  • extremely low amount of amorphous carbon (<1%);
  • encapsulation of virtually all inorganic (Fe) impurities;
  • 50 times lower cost compared to analogues.


TUBALL™ is readily available in sufficient quantities to satisfy global industrial needs for high volume applications. This makes the extensive use of single wall carbon nanotubes commercially viable for the first time.

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Technical Data

Specification Unit of measure Value Method of evaluation
Carbon content wt.% >85 TGA, EDX
CNT wt.% ≥80
Number of walls CNT unit 1 TEM
Mean diameter CNT nm 1.6±0.4 Raman, TEM
Length of CNT


Metal impurities wt.% <15 EDX, TGA

TUBALL TGA and RAMAN graphs.jpg

Technical parameters of TUBALL™ have been confirmed by Intertek, Certificate of Analysis see below.

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