Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes


TUBALL™ nanotubes are the first single wall carbon nanotubes to be available for commercial applications of this novel material in a wide range of industries. The invention by OCSiAl of breakthrough yet low-cost mass-production technology for TUBALL™ that has unlimited scaling potential has made their widespread use economically viable while preserving their high quality (the iron content is less than 1%).

TUBALL™ can be described as graphene nanotubes because each nanotube is an extremely thin rolled up sheet of graphene more than 5 µm in length. In the scientific literature, however, these materials are more frequently referred to as single wall carbon nanotubes as they were discovered before graphene was.

The exceptional physical properties, nanometre dimensions and chemical universality of TUBALL™ graphene nanotubes are resulting in a great leap forward in a multitude of materials by enhancing their strength and enabling conductive properties.

Unlike conventional additives such as multi wall carbon nanotubes, carbon fibers and most types of carbon black, TUBALL™ provides significant improvements in material properties upon the addition of just 0.01%–0.1% by weight.


  • High quality of nanotubes (G/D ratio > 50);
  • Best price–performance ratio compared with analogues;
  • Gains traction starting from extremely low concentrations;
  • Enhances mechanical properties of materials;
  • Adds uniform and permanent electrical conductivity;
  • Maintains colour, elasticity and other key properties;
  • Versatile for an extremely wide range of applications.


When embedded into a material’s matrix, well-dispersed TUBALL™ nanotubes create a 3D reinforced and conductive network, with minimal impact on the original colour or other key properties of the augmented material.



It is the high price–performance ratio of TUBALL™ nanotubes that makes them the next-generation reinforcing and conductive additive for global industry. TUBALL™ can be used as a universal additive, greatly improving the properties of most materials, including polymer composites, rubbers and metals, among many others.



To facilitate the effective incorporation of TUBALL™ into materials, OCSiAl has developed a line of easy-to-use pre-dispersed concentrates, masterbatches and suspensions that are compatible with a wide variety of industry-standard formulations.

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