Novatic introduces new Anti-static and Static Dissipative coatings in the market

Novatic, an experienced producer and developer of customized coatings, known for their specialty solutions have launched a range of Anti-static and Static dissipative polyurethane coating products based on advantages of the most sophisticated nanotechnology. Excellent results were achieved by substituting conventional conductive additives with innovative TUBALL single wall carbon nanotubes in terms of color, uniform permanent conductivity and mechanical properties. These results spurred the company to start commercial production of advanced coatings systems with TUBALL solutions that are better in terms of performance yet cost effective as compared to competition.

Nanotubes Find New Applications in Fiberglass Plastics

OCSiAl, the world’s leading manufacturer of single wall carbon nanotubes, is launching a new joint project in fiberglass plastics. The addition of nanotubes allows Euro Accent Saba to impart anti-static properties to fiberglass plastic tanks for oil waste storage and transportation, cleaning equipment, and oily waste pumping. This is the fourth successful project to use nanotubes in the fiberglass industry, and once again this revolutionary material has enabled the creation of products that are second to none in the world.

OCSiAl Develops New Composites Markets in Russia

Owing to its strong partner relations with Russian manufacturers of composite materials with anti-static properties, OCSiAl was able to demonstrate to visitors at Composite-Expo 2017 the new possibilities of using nanotubes for hardening materials. As a result of its intensive work at the exhibition, the Russian office of the company will have about 30 new partners in the near future.